Plastic Surgery Group


The Plastic Surgery Group approached me to redesign their brand for their 60th anniversary and their new business move. The understanding was to move into a more wellness or spa approach. Along with a new billboard campaign, they eventually want to sell their own healthcare products. The brand was built out for use scenarios so their in-house marketing team could easily use.





What we crave is an extra dose of confidence. We want a fix for the flaw that sabotages our self-image. A way to beat back Father Time while capturing our youth as it slips away far too quickly. We want to feel good again, or maybe even for the first time.

One Chattanooga group of surgeons, nurses and staff, use the latest techniques and innovations to improve lives. From cosmetic to reconstructive procedures they provide surgical and non-surgical solutions that surpass their patient’s deepest needs and desires.

They have always loved what they do. They have always loved the patients they’ve helped. And for 60 years, they have been the one and only Plastic Surgery Group.